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Dovo Strop Paste

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Product code: DO-SH-11
Please select your Strop Paste Type

Razor strop paste used in conjunction with a Strop is an effective method of sharpening a "less than razor-sharp" straight razor. There are multiple pastes which perform differently, each intended for a specific purpose.

Please select the paste you want from the dropdown menu.

Paste descriptions: Yellow Paste has no sharpening qualities and is used as a leather strop conditioner on your "everyday use" strop.

White Paste is used as an edge polish on the LINEN STROP ONLY!

Red Sharpening Paste is less coarse with a particle size of 2-4 micronsand will refresh a mildly dull edge.

Green Sharpening Paste is the coarsest with a particle size averaging 6 microns and should be used on a very dull edge.

The sharpening pastes should be used only on a strop reserved for that specific purpose and dedicated to that particular grit of paste.

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