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Feather All Stainless DE Safety Razor with Gift Box

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Product code: FE-SR-1

Opens: Three Piece

Weight: 3.2 oz

Handle Length: 3.5 inches

A Partnership of Tradition and Technology Re-engineered to perfection, Feather has released its All Stainless Double Edged Safety Razor. Responding to consumer's demand for even more precise blade geometry, Feather has completely over-hauled the design and manufacturing or this razor. Reinforced blade mount, surface finish refinement, increased ejector pins that push this razor from its mold during production - all of these factors and more make this razor a true marvel of modern engineering. You'll have to make an effort to nick yourself! This gorgeous razor's satisfying weight and satin-finish stainless steel are its most notable features. Razor arrives with one 5 pack of Feather Hi Stainless Platinum Blades made from surgical grade steel, offering a truly superior shave. The Feather All Stainless DE is a tool you will cherish for a lifetime. We recommend using Feather's DE blades (additional blades sold separatey), though razor will accomodate any other DE Safety Razor blade you might prefer. 

Imported from Japan

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"The Epitome of Craftsmanship & Design"

By Doctor Bob, 2/25/2015

This is an expensive razor, but it is a surgical quality instrument. It performs as no other razor, and in the end I spent a good deal of money learning what this razor has taught me. There is no substitute for quality. My Edwin Jagger and Merkur will lie in the drawer. The Feather is the best closed comb DE razor on the market.

"Sweet razor"

By Radical James, 8/7/2014

Love it! Smooth all over.

"The Most Amazing Razor"

By Rook, 10/23/2013

I have used countless razors, no more. I have found the penultimate razor. This is the smoothest and closest razors EVER!
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