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Feather Razor "Professional Super" Blades 20 pack

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Regular Price: $23.99

Special Price: $15.50

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Regular Price: $23.99

Special Price: $15.50

Product code: FE-RB-3

Blade Thickness: 0.31mm

Blade Exposure: 1.45mm

Feather "Professional Super" blades will fit any of the "Artist Club" series razors. Manufactured to the highest quality standards and designed for professional use you can expect them to provide the closest and smoothest shave possible. The "Professional Super" blades are designed for those with a heavy or coarse beard. Blade performance is equal to that of a 6/8 or 7/8 size traditional straight razor - A bit more aggressive to meet the demands of a tougher beard. In addition to a greater blade thickness the blade is also a bit wider allowing greater edge exposure. If you have a tough beard and want to delay the appearance of five o'clock shadow until well after sunset, the "Professional Super" blade is your choice.  Blades are packed in their own injector-style dispenser for fast easy and safe blade installation and convenient storage. Package has a safe disposal slot for used blades on the bottom.

Imported from Japan 

Customer Reviews

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"The one true blade!"

By Billy Fournier, 2/2/2015

I should preface this with the fact that I have been using this product since 2007.

I started using straight razors in late 2005 because I had just exited the Army and my neck looked like a mine field from daily shaving. I needed something that could shave my neck and not cause irritation and rashes. So I spent a lot of money, buying a lot of razors and stones and brushes and creams. When I say A LOT, I figure you do not need me to explain. I assume this because you are reading this and might possibly be waiting by the door for the UPS man to show up any time now =P
Anyhow, I practiced for months to get my shaping skills down and even sent razors off to get sharpened by experts. It wasn't until I got a replaceable blade straight razor until I finally deemed a good shave. Even then I was left unimpressed and wanting for more. Maybe people told me the feather was "TO" sharp. Well, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I ordered the feather with the professional and professional super blades. Let me tell you, the professional super was the ticket! I haven't looked back.

I rated 5 stars for Quality, Price, and Value. You might be thinking 20 something bucks for 20 blades? Well I have ordered two packages of blades since 2007. I am now writing this review as I am ordering my 3rd package of blades. I am not going to do the math for you, but but the value and price are amazing... which doesn't happen without the quality!

In conclusion, if you haven't been able to find a blade to adequately fell the forest of your face, this is blade for you!

"Perfect Blades"

By Steven, 11/27/2014

So I will never buy thinner blades ever again. If you ever notice tugging while shaving, then you probably will want to try these blades.
The only problem with them are the price.
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