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Safety Razors

Did you know that by switching to a safety razor, you’ll not only get a better closer shave, but you’ll end up saving money in the long term? A stainless steel safety razor helps a man summon back to the days when shaving was an art form. Today’s modern man is bombarded and accustomed to cheap disposable shaving products that don’t often result in a close smooth shave, but end up leaving a man with annoying razor burn and a less than satisfactory shaving experience. Thankfully enough, the art form of shaving is coming back and being adopted by those attracted to a more classic gentlemanly lifestyle.

At, we offer a large variety of safety razors for today’s modern man and a selection of safety razor kits for those who like a convenient deal. From our selection of economically priced traditional Parker safety razors to the luxurious King Cobra Classic, we have a stainless steel safety razor that will surely satisfy your desire to abandon gimmicky drug-store throwaways. Help make shaving an art form once again with

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