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Safety Razor Sets

Not everybody has the urge or skill to use a straight razor, but a satisfying shave is still very possible by using a well-crafted safety razor. At, we carry a large selection of safety razor sets that include everything you need to get started with a classic shaving worthy shaving routine. Some of our traditional shaving sets come with everything from a shaving bowl to a shaving brush! These safety razor shaving sets are the perfect option for gift giving, or for anyone getting ready to embrace a better shaving routine.

Shop our selection of safety razor sets that include safety razors from trusted brands like Merkur safety razors. Traditional shaving sets are perfect for veteran shavers and novices alike. When it comes to finding the very best selection of traditional shaving sets and wet shaving supplies, make your first choice. Classic Shaving takes pride in leading the revolution of turning modern men into proper gents. Shop safety razor sets today!

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