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Soften and lift beard hairs with the very best selection of shaving brushes from At Classic Shaving, we carry a large selection of shaving brushes including horse hair and badger shaving brushes. Brush hair varies from brand to brand, and every grade has their own unique characteristics. Whether you choose a Vulfix shaving brush, or a Vie-Long shaving brush, we’re sure you’ll love the experience of shaving with a brush and straight or safety razor.

If you’re unsure of the types of shaving brushes that are right for you, we’re always happy to assist you with your decision. At, you’ll find shaving brushes that are priced exceptionally low all the way to luxury shaving brushes that have a larger price tag. When you’re looking for shaving brushes, look no further than We take pride in reclaiming the lost art of proper shaving and grooming.

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