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The FAVORITE! 80R Classic Shaving Exclusive Deluxe Vintage Butterfly Safety Razor

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Availability: In stock

Product code: PK-SR-1

Opens: Butterfly

Weight: 3.0 oz.

Handle Length: 4 inches.

We rate this razor as our very favorite, non-adjustable safety razor because of its ease of use, substantial weight and nice touch. This double-edge safety razor is the one you've been searching for but thought it was no longer available.

The 80R ClassicShaving Exclusive Deluxe Vintage Butterfly Safety Razor has all-metal construction and is built to last a very long time.  

We especially like this razor's weight because it provides a close, clean shave without needing to be pressed close to your face that can sometimes lead to razor burn and other skin irritations. Its extra-long, non-slip handle also makes it a joy to use.

This is a traditional shaver that is perfect for the price conscious, well-groomed gentleman.

Double-edge razor blades are sold separately and not included with this razor.

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Customer Reviews

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"Parker 80R"

By Jan, 1/6/2014

After 30 years switched back to safety razor. I received the 80R last Saturday and used it for the first time 2 days later. Excellent. The weight, size and feel of the razor is beautiful. Very close shave, no cuts, as long as you let the weight of the razor do all the work. Excellent purchase. Very happy with this wonderful tool. Also very happy with the very fast shipment. Received it 2 days after ordering.

"how good this razor is"

By Ray, 12/1/2013

I started shaving with a razor like this when I was a kid! I forgot how good a double edge gives you a better shave than these new multi blade razors. I like the weight of this razor, you don't have to use a lot of presssure to get a close shave.

"My first child razor..."

By Noftzinger, 10/17/2013

This was my first razor, the one that got me into a more classic shaving approach. I decided to go with this razor due to its simplicity and its price. A good razor that has stood up fairly well for 2 years now, it could use a little cleaning but the razor still shaves quite well, I do not like how this razor has a more aggressive cut, but once coupled with a feather blade you almost cant go wrong, a great beginners razor I recommend this to anyone looking to get into a more enjoyable shaving style.

"Best Razor by far"

By fred, 10/9/2013

This was my first safety razor as i took a step down from straight edge. I kept cutting myself with the straight edge BUT NOT with this Parker 80R. I love this razor and if i knew about it awhile ago i would've been shaving years ago. Despite it being manufactured in India, the quality is 100 percent solid and the weight of it is just fine and its affordable.

"Three years on, would pick it again"

By Suspenders Mike, 9/4/2013

I've used this razor since 2010 not long after being introduced to wet shaving. I'm still happy with the choice, and I just shaved my head for the first time with no trouble. What fun!
It's so intuitive it practically shaves for you--although I can't speak for many other razors it just seems to have the right weight and feel for me. You can spin the butterfly real quick to clean out hairs if you're tackling a long beard (or your head) as you go. And yep it's so easy to swap out blades for a different kind of shave or to try a new blade.

"Excellent DE for a new wet shaver"

By Thomas, 8/23/2013

I ordered this beauty in... well I've forgotten exactly when, but it's given me many months of enjoyment and opened me up to the world of wet shaving.
The butterfly opening is easy to use and doesn't have any trouble with clogging or sticking even after a year of use.
The mechanism binds snug when closed to keep the blade steady but opens easily with just a little twist of the knob.
I like to pair it with the Laser DE blades, as they have edge numbers (1,2,3,4) printed on the sides of the blade and these are JUST visible when the butterfly is closed; the combination makes it really easy to keep track of edge usage as I alternate day-to-day and shaving my head and face.
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