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Your Razor (Shipping From Home) Ships to Our Straight Razor Edge Repair Estimate/Service

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Product code: CS-DR-11

100% Hand Honed - No Machine Grinding We take our time with your razor - no rush deliveries.

By selecting repair service from this listing you are ordering an evaluation and quote only. By completing the checkout process you will be charged only the $1.99 evaluation & quote fee and return shipping charges. Please give us as much information as necessary in the memo area above. Once we have received your razor and completed our evaluation you will be contacted via email and quoted a cost for necessary repairs. At this time you may elect to have the repairs completed or to have your razor returned to you un-repaired.

Our Straight Razor Edge Repair service is limited to removal of minor nicks and dings resulting from a dropped razor, hitting the water faucet with the razor edge or from other similar minor mishaps. This is not a re-grinding service - No machines are used. The damage will be removed by Hand-Honing using a series of hones, beginning with as coarse a hone as the damage requires and continuing through a series of progressively finer hones, culminating with a completely new shaving edge. The amount of honing required is determined by the degree of damage, therefore we are unable to quote a repair cost without seeing the razor.

Order your razor evaluation & quote from this listing by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button above, select your choice of return shipping during "Checkout" and print out the final "Order Verification" page. Send the printed-out page along with your razor to:

 Classic Shaving Sharpening Service

PO Box 581115

North Palm Springs, CA 92258

Please be aware that this service will repair the edge only, and will prepare the razor edge to a rust-free, pit-free and shave-ready state. It will not remove all discoloration or rust pitting from the flat surface of the blade. After sharpening we will return your shave-ready razor directly to you by return mail. A razor needing simple edge repair will normally be in the repair shop for 10-14 days, but will be longer depending on the degree of damage. Please allow up to four weeks for the return of your razor. We will do our very finest work with your understanding patience. Only by shaving with a properly sharpened razor can one appreciate the optimal quality, comfort, and closeness of a straight razor shave. Whether hand-honing your razor is an art you have not yet mastered or a chore you prefer not to do, help is at hand. 

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