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DISCONTINUED Merkur "The Barber Pole" 38C Hefty Long-Handled Classic (Red, Blue, Matte Silver)

by Merkur
Sold out
$63.99 USD

Opens: Two Piece

Weight: 4oz

HandleLength: 3 3/4 inches

Imported from Germany. This "Long Handled Hefty (Heavy) Classic" Safety Razor weighs over 4 oz. due to a solid brass core which is chrome plated. The head is identical to the other "Classic" non-adjustable razors in every respect. The handle is 3 3/4" long - slightly shorter then the standard long handle Classic. The handle design, which should provide an enhanced grip is based on the American barber pole. This razor is Merkur's long awaited answer to the need for more weight in a Classic Design Double Edge Razor. One Merkur Super Stainless Platinum Blade Included. Replacements listed separately.

Available in three colors: Blue, Red or Matte Silver. Please choose from the dropdown menu above.

Comes with a Closed Comb razor head, which is the safety razor that will give a novice the most comfort. Closed combs offer a close shave without being overly aggresive. The weight of the razor will do most of the work, the keen blade will take care of the rest.

A razor you'll enjoy using for a lifetime.