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Quercus Eau De Cologne - Penhaligon's

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More restrained than a traditional cologne. But with just as much va-va-voom.
Not as stiff as an evening shirt but as strong as a pre-dinner drink.
Not as instantly recognisable as a citrus, but with just as much zest.

But pray, what lies behind the confusion? Could it be basil? Basil! Bright as day, and fresh as a sun-warmed mountain stream. Accompanied by clean white floral notes (jasmine, lily of the valley) and cardamom, here lies the most singular freshness - without any of the discomfort of the unrecognisable and the new. The moss that cushions the transition of this olfactory journey (into almost sunny amber depths) meets patchouli to take us back to familiar ground.

Quercus, as everyone knows, is Latin for oak, and the British national tree.
It’s familiar, but terribly strange.

100 ml