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Ladies 4/8" Dovo Razor, with Faux Mother of Pearl Scales - "Classic Shaving" Edition

by Dovo
Sold out
$114.98 USD

Size: 4/8
Steel: High Carbon Steel
Grind: Full-hollow
Nose: Round Point

The women here at Classic Shaving are enablers. That is to say, we love empowering other women to take back the artful ritual of straight razor shaving. Let's face it, we are probably a little more nimble-handed and dexterous with dangerously sharp things anyway, so why not add a little spice to an otherwise quite mundane task in life?

This pretty and petite 2 1/4" length, high carbon steel 4/8"width Dovo Straight Razor was made in Germany exclusively for women. Ladies, experience for yourselves the joy of this grooming regimen. And if you have secretly been using your fella’s razor now is the perfect time to let him have it back. For those new to straight razor maintenance, we recommend adding our professional-honing to your razor now to start out with the perfect edge. Then, make sure to have a strop that you will enjoy using each time you shave to keep your razor in great shape for six months' worth of daily shaving. At that point, whether you do it or we do, your razor will likely need to be re-honed. If you're too hooked by then to part with your seasoned blade for a couple weeks for honing, we'll be glad to talk you through the items and skills you will need to sharpen the blade yourself. Feel free to call, chat or email customer service any time for some expert advice and encouragement.

(ATTENTION: Please note that the professional honing Classic Shaving offers on our selection of Dovo razors is done by our own in-house affiliate craftsmen to our standards. It is Dovo’s policy that sharpening done by ANYONE (including you the buyer) outside of their own factory craftsmen renders their 2-year warranty null and void. By purchasing a Dovo razor that is professionally-sharpened by ClassicShaving you are acknowledging Dovo’s policy on its warranty status.)