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Merkur "Hefty Classic" Safety Razor - Slant Bar

by Merkur
Sold out
$45.99 USD
Opens: Two Piece
Weight: 2.9oz 
Handle Length: 3 inches 


The "Original" and still one of the best! This is the razor that men the world over have learned to shave with for nearly one hundred years. This Hefty Classic Slant Bar version of the "Classic" safety razor (often called the Slant Bar) is made with a larger and heavier handle for those who like a bit more to hold on to as well as a uniquely designed "slanted" shave head that imparts a slicing motion while shaving, allowing for a particularly close shave.

One Super Stainless Blade Included.

This model has a reputation as a very aggressive shaver and is highly recommended for those with a particularly thick or coarse beard.

Does not fit the Horizontal Razor Stand, but will fit the Vertical Stand.

A razor you'll enjoy using for a Lifetime