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FROMM Replaceable Blade Razor SS

by Fromm
Sold out
$13.99 USD

This All Stainless Steel razor has become a very popular choice for many professional Barbers and Hair Stylists. The fact that it uses inexpensive replaceable Stainless Steel Blades completely eliminates honing and stropping -as well as the associated cost and hassle factor. A great way for beginners to try out straight razor shaving without making a major investment. What we're trying to tacitly say is... this is a cheap replaceable blade razor. It's made in China, not that that is horrible, but sometimes it could be better. It's not a Hart Steel straight razor. We are saying this because some people buy this razor and expect to fall in love with straight razor shaving and expect it to perform like a $300, and if we tried to make this razor sound better than it is, we'd be putting lipstick on a pig. That said, again, it is a great way for beginners to get a feel for what it's like to shave with a straight razor without spending a chunk of change.

Features include: Durable All Stainless Steel Construction; Covered Tang; Blade Ejector button; Blade Guard; Light Weight. One blade is included to get you started. Replacement Fromm Stainless Steel blades available in 5 or 10-Pak listed separately with safety razors and blades. Made in China.