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Feather Wood Handle Stainless DE Safety Razor with Stand

by Feather
6 Reviews
Sold out
$425.00 USD

Opens: Three Piece
Weight: 3.2oz
Handle Length: 3 & 1/2 inches

A Partnership of Tradition and Technology Feather has released its new Stainless Double Edged Safety Razor with resin infused Wood Handle. This gorgeous razor's satisfying weight and finish are its most notable features. The Feather Wood Handle Stainless DE is a tool you will cherish for a lifetime.

This model comes with a stand individually crafted to each razor, it is heavy-duty (and heavy!) stainless steel and matching wood to elevate your showpiece razor above the other items around your bathroom sink. Razor arrives with one 5 pack of Feather Hi Stainless Platinum Blades made from surgical grade steel, offering a truly superior shave. The razor and stand come in a very attractive box, well suited for gift-giving.

Classic Shaving is proud to be Feather's exclusive distributor of this razor in the USA. We recommend using Feather's DE blades (additional blades sold separately), though razor will accommodate any other DE Safety Razor blade you might prefer.

Imported from Japan 


Optional 6 Piece Luxury Shave Set (+ $28)

This set is comprised of our best selling items, and has all of the essentials you should need for a great wet shave! “Smolder” is The Blades Grim’s most popular scent that anyone will be sure to love! Purchased separately, this set would cost over $40.

Set includes:

  • Smolder Pre-Shave Oil 1 oz - By The Blades Grim
  • Smolder Aftershave 1 oz - By The Blades Grim
  • Smolder Hand Poured Shaving Soap - By The Blades Grim
  • Satin Tip: The Purest - Black Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush
  • Shaving Brush Travel Case
  • Wet Shaving How To Guide


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      Classic Shaving Performed As Expected

      Order arrived in a timely manner and arrived comnplete.

      Classic Shaving

      Thank you so much!


      Amazing product

      This expensive double edged razor was worth every single penny and has become my most favorite out of my razor collection and delivers the pleasure of a great shave every morning I use it.


      Exquisite shave

      After stepping out of my marble soaking tub this morning I was presented with this as a gift from my wife, the duchess of Cambridge. Don't let the price of this instrument fool you, it is actually excellent quality. While I much prefer the feel of a handle crafted from the endangered Loulu tree, the featherwood was a fair substitute. From the moment my servant began gliding the razor along my face after a quick homebrew lather of mine (lion's fat blended with Tuscan whole milk) I was absolutely delighted. His clumsiness caused a minor nick in my chin for which I had him executed, but I don't let this reflect poorly on this product. Good show, chaps.


      Expensive and worth it

      No doubt this is an expensive double edged razor - especially in this black wood trimmed version, which may well be about the priciest DE razor you can find. One might well balk at paying a substantial premium for the 'blackwood' trim, but make no mistake -- this is pretty much the perfect DE razor in terms of aesthetics and function. Perfect balance, perfect scale and contours and above all, with a one of the super sharp Feather blades on board, the ultimate close shave, particularly if you have sensitive skin - effective without being aggressive in the least. This is my first go with Feather, and the effortlessness and smoothness of the Feather razor and blade combo is astounding - not matched by any of my other DE razors. You feel virtually no resistance, and thus wonder whether you are, indeed, accomplishing the task of taking your whiskers down to the skin. Yes, you certainly are, and without irritation of any kind. Unlike another reviewer, I have not found the wood trim on the weighted base to be prone to moisture damage - but I regularly apply a very light coat of Renaissance wax to the entire razor and base to ensure it sheds moisture; and I never put my razor in the base unless both are bone dry. If you take care of it, it will take care of you.


      beautiful, works, great, but poor base design

      Compared to the original feather SS, the new design does a far better job shaving my coarse beard. Truth, though, is I only used it once before returning the item, since the wood band on the base split. I attribute this to poor design having the wood grain run up and down rather than horizontal to prevent expansion and contraction from so easily fracturing the thin wood band along the shortest wood grain. I trust the razor handle would last, but I have concerns that even a replacement would suffer the same issue on the base wood band in the future without a design change. This is unfortunate, since the set is absolutely gorgeous. I really love the wood and black anodized contrast of the SS. Moreover, the razor worked great. Classicshaving responded very well to my return, though, and we'll see what happens from here.