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Classic Ivory Complete DE Shaving Kit

Sold out
$124.99 USD

We love this timeless collection of some of our best-selling items here at Classic Shaving.

Your Choice of Razors: Parker 80R

Parker 90R

Your Choice of Mug: Hart Resin Ivory Apothecary Mug & Soap

USA Made Ivory Ceramic Apothecary Mug & Soap

Classic Super Badger Shaving Brush with Ivory Handle

Chrome Heavyweight Razor & Brush Stand

5-pack of Blades

The razor is a classic double-edge safety that is a perfect companion to our Classic Brand Super Badger Shaving Brush. The set's foundation piece is the rustic Hart Apothecary in durable ivory resin or made in USA Ceramic Apothecary Mug. Mug also comes with your choice of our Premium Shaving Soaps. Please specify your choice of Shaving Soap Scent from the pull-down menu above when ordering. Takes our regular size cake, (2.5" diameter). Includes 5 pack of blades to get you started.