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Vintage 6/8 Revisor of Soligen (w/red celluloid scales)

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$160.00 USD

NAME: Revisor of Soligen

All vintage blades including this one are sold AS IS and as such are not subject to return. Photos are of the actual razor and are recent and therefore as accurate as possible of the state in which your razor will arrive. Any serious defects (examples: excessive rust edge-scale contact cracked scale blade nicks) will be mentioned in the razor's description and will be reflected in the price. Classic Shaving is proud to offer these unique collector's pieces to straight razor enthusiasts and we hope you are as excited about them as we are!

WIDTH: 6/8 polished

POINT: round

SCALES: translucent red celluloid

Product Notes: "Revisor Solingen" and "C. Friedr. Schmidt" on either side of a gold "trademark" diamond with a cat in a tree are on one side of the blade. "Revisor" in script on one side of tang "Solingen Made in Germany" on the other side of the tang. White plastic scales. Half-Hollow ground. Blade in great shape.