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Vintage Blades Brand Brush and Razor Stand - 30mm

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 The Vintage Blades Brand Brush and Razor Stand - 30mm is a variation of the typical stand you see elsewhere.  We have had this one modified to our specifications. First, it's a heavy weight version, weighing in at over 11 ounces. Second, we have had it made in two versions with larger forks to accommodate our full range of Vintage Blades Brand shaving brushes, as well as the majority of all brushes sold. This is the 30mm version which is perfect for our Vintage Blades Brand 20mm brushes.

 This stand will accommodate all of our Merkur and Parker Double Edge razors and our Vintage Blades Brand Mach 3 and Fusion razors.

 This stand is also compatible with the following brushes sold by Vintage Blades:


    • Rooney Style 1 Size 1 (Small)


    • Rooney Style 2 Size 1 (Small)


    • Rooney Style 3 Size 1 (Small)


    • Rooney Heritage Beehive Size 1 (Small)


    • Rooney Heritage Emillion Size 1 (Small)


    • Rooney Heritage Highlander


    • Rooney Heritage Stubby Size 1 (Small)


    • Rooney Heritage Stubby Size 2 (Medium)


    • Rooney Heritage Stubby 1XL


    • Rooney Heritage Victorian


    • Vintage Blades Brand 20 mm brushes only


    • Vulfix 1000A, 2233, and 2234




Each of these brushes will hang by the "waist" of the handle, which is defined as the narrowest portion of the handle near the base. We cannot guarantee compatibility with any shaving brushes other than those listed above.


Height: Fork to base 4-1/2"; Overall 5-7/8"