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Refurbished 6/8 Thiers-Issard Loup Belier Razor (w/ Dark Curly Koa Scales)

Sold out
$200.00 USD

Item numbers starting with VTA-S8 razors are reconditioned unsold "blemished" stock that has been repaired and professionally sharpened by master razor maker Dylan Farnham and are also to be sold AS IS..

Name: Thiers Issard

Size: 6/8

Finish: Polished

Point: Round

Scales: Dark Curly Koa


Product Notes: Loup Bellier Singing Razor. This razor was repaired and professionally-sharpened by master razor-maker Dylan Farnham and is being sold AS IS. It has jimps and a "rustic hand applied" gold aplication to the sheep and wolf design.