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American Made Mountain Loom Strop

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This beast of a loom strop makes quick work of maintaining your blade's edge. If you are doing your own honing, this is a great tool for the work bench for finishing the freshly-honed edge. Or if you have the counter space in your bathroom, it makes a fantastic daily stropper. Great for folks with arthritis or dexterity problems. Since the strop lies flat for use, it frees up both hands and gives the user much more control than a hanging strop and more of a satisfying draw on the leather than a rigid paddle strop.

The handmade double-sided strop is custom crafted by a legend in mile-high Idyllwild, California. The locals call him Mountain Mike. He designed the strop for use by both novice and veteran straight razor shavers. The extra wide 3" surface allows stropping without the traditional X pattern, reducing the risk of potential stropping errors. Stropping area measures 3" x 16" and is actually two separate strops joined together at the top with a nickel plated swivel clasp at each end. One is made of premium black latigo leather, and the second of tan latigo leather,  to ensure the best stropping possible.

The strop is mounted on a custom "loom", created by Hart Steel's Randy Buckmaster, with adjustable tension pegs, allowing the user to achieve the preferred draw on the strop. Loom strop comes with an eyehook on one end for wall-hanging storage when not in use. We do recommend that you strop your razor with the strop in a horizontal position though to assure consistent pace, angle and pressure while stropping. We've started referring to these loom strops as "stropping machines". They almost make it too easy. For most straight razor shavers, stropping is a daily chore. Please remember to stay present while stropping or honing knives, for the razor's safety as well as your own.

All Mountain Strops are assembled with nickel-plated screws that allow for easy replacement of worn leather or backing. This durable, American-made strop will season with age and (with proper use) will keep your straight razor "Shaving Sharp" for the life of the razor.

Here are the overall dimensions of loom and strop assembled:
Height: 29.5"
Width: 5.5"
Depth: 4.5"