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Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $50 - $7.50 Shipping on International orders over $100!

Blade Buddy Razor Sharpener

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$21.00 USD

Every time you shave, the edge of your razor blade gets microscopically bent. According to the manufacturer-Gliding your razor up Blade Buddy's patented, grooved surface straightens the edge back into alignment, restoring the sharpness of your blade. So one blade gives you a close, comfortable shave for months, instead of days. Works with all men's and women's razor blades, including disposables. Works in seconds.

The product extends the life of a razor blade by uncurling its cutting edge, straightening the blade as it's drawn over a pad of silicon rubber with specially etched diagonal grooves. This is a groundbreaking, non-disposable shaving tool. It’s very easy to use and provides great value.

We at Classic Shaving have tried various tools and gadgets to extend the life of the expensive cartridge blades, for the friends we have that have yet to convert. The easiest way to explain the concept is it functions as a silicon strop for a blade. The Blade Buddy has been one of the inventions that may seem similar to the rest at first glance but seems to work wonders. If you know someone that uses a cartridge razor or if yourself would like to experiment with a silicone strop, try the Blade Buddy for yourself.

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