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Classic Brand Wine Kit, with Engraving

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$46.00 USD

Classic Brand Wine Kit, with Engraving

You know someone that has always needed one of these. He understands how to put on a party, yet is masterful at quietly enjoying a nice, chewy bottle of red all alone. If he doesn't own a decanter yet, he at least knows what it is and does.

This personalizable kit contains: a Sommelier Wine Key with knife and bottle opener, Wine Pour Spout with aerator, Bottle Stopper and Foil Cutter all handsomely contained in a goofy, personalizable wine cask. We can't think of anything cooler to perch on top of a guy's bar.

Choose up to 6 letters to engrave on the wine cask and you've got a real one-of-a-kind gift on your hands.