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Classic Deluxe Gift Box - DE Safety Razor & Blades

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$31.99 USD

Your choice of two styles of Parker double edge razor and a five pack of Feather High-Stainless Platinum Blades.

Choose one of the following razors from the drop-down menu above:

  • The Parker 91R, a three-piece closed comb double edge razor in chrome (click the name for more info on this razor).
  • The Parker 71R, a three-piece closed comb double edge razor in black (ditto).

    Our new Classic Deluxe gift boxes are in and they look GREAT. The packaging included in this gift set is as beautiful as the razor and blade nestled within; it's the kind of box you don't throw away but use for storage travel or display a perfect present to give to someone you want both to impress and introduce to the pleasures of shaving with a double edge safety razor. Our maroon and platinum-colored deluxe gift box is embossed with the Classic Shaving logo and its doors are held together with a magnetic closure. Inside black foam securely holds We know when you give a gift you want the package to make a statement and the Classic Deluxe Gift Box Sets do just that. You will enjoy both the box and the razor for many years to come.