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Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $50 - $7.50 Shipping on International orders over $100!

Claus Porto Bath Soap

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$19.99 USD

Imported from Portugal - Makes a Great GIFT!

Each handmade bar is milled 7 times and aged so that every bar lasts a very long time while delivering the highest level of fragrance and extraordinary lather. Made with all organic ingredients and no preservatives under the close supervision of long-experienced masters of their craft. Cleanly rinses away leaving behind only the fresh clean scent of nature's fresh outdoors. Each bar is a very generous12.34 ounces for long-lasting value. The package design is interpreted from turn of the century art work culled from the archives of the Claus Porto soap factory in Portugal.

Available in 5 rich and distinct scents (use pulldown menu above when ordering):

"Royal" Lavender: The powdery floral scent of wild iris is mixed with pungent lavender for a fresh intoxicating fragrance blend.

"Banho" Citron Verbena: Known for its magical properties and healing nature. Used during spiritual rituals as far back as the Middle Ages this uplifting fragrance is blended with lemon zest to increase clear thinking and soothe the soul.

"Aguia" Vetyver: Used in perfumeries for hundreds of years Vetyver is a cedar like fragrance derived from the roots of an Indian plant. Vetyver has a natural antiseptic and sedative properties which are blended here with notes of moss and woods to create a soothing gentle aroma.

"Favorito" Red Poppy:Crushing the leaves of the red poppy is said to induce sleep. The subtly spicy scent of the delicate easily bruised petals is blended here with pepper and nettle in a robust bouquet.

DISCONTINUED - "Deco" Lime/Basil: An invigorating slightly citrus scent with a spicy undertone. Lime and basil when used together create a very fresh and masculine aroma. Basil has long been used in cleansing rituals particularly in bathing.