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Complete Celtic Shave Kit in Ivory

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$112.99 USD

The Complete Celtic Shave Kit is a handsome grouping of some of our best-selling items here at Classic Shaving. The set comes with a tub of Gentlemen's Refinery shaving cream in your choice of three scents. Check out the photos and read on for full details. Here's how the Kit breaks down item by item:

Parker Deluxe Vintage Double-edge Closed Comb Safety Razor

Classic Brand Super Badger Shaving Brush

Hart Steel Celtic Shaving Mug

Gentlemens Refinery Shaving Cream 2.53 oz. Choice of Scents: The Standard Black Ice or Unscented

OurChoice DE Blades to get you started

The razor featured in this set is one of our most popular shavers great for beginners or those with sensitive skin and it is a perfect companion to our Classic Brand Super Badger Shaving Brush. The set's foundation piece is Hart Steel's American-made Celtic Shaving Mug in ivory resin. Rounding out your set is a travel-sized tub of premium all-natural Gentlemen's Refinery shaving cream in your choice of scents: "Black Ice" featuring a crisp anise fragrance (said to be an aphrodisiac) or "Unscented" for those who want to keep it simple. The set is complete with a pack of razor blades. Please select the your shaving cream scent from the drop-down menu above and to the right.