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Safety Razor and S-M Brush Stand

by DE
Sold out
$19.99 USD

Our DE Razor and Brush Stand for S-M Brushes has a 27mm brush fork to accommodate most standard size brushes. It has a clearance from the fork to the base of 110 mm, or just under 4-1/2 inches.  In addition, this stand was specially designed with the safety razor in mind.  It will accommodate just about any double edge razor, including the Merkur Futur and those from Rooney.

 This stand is most suitable for the following of our brushes:

o Vintage Blades Brand 20 mm brushes

o Satin Tip luxury shaving brushes

o Classic Brand natural bristle shaving brush 


* Note: This is the newly designated Size 1 Emillion with the 21mm knot.