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DOVO 5/8 Blond Celluloid 1/2-Hollow Straight Razor

by Dovo
Sold out
$94.98 USD

Size: 5/8
Steel: High Carbon Steel
Grind: Half-hollow
Nose: Round Point

This quality straight razor is one of DOVO's most inexpensive, entry-level models. The scales are crafted of a blond celluloid/plastic resin, perfectly matched to the blade resulting in a precise balance - Better balance equals better control and a better shave.

The blade begins as a Forged High Carbon Steel blank that is then tempered for hardness. Next a Master Craftsman shapes and grinds it into a 5/8 1/2-hollow Ground semi-finished blade. It's finishing is completed by adding File Jimps to the lower sides of the tang, brand stamping the shank front and rear, and adding an etched Dovo Soligen brand to the front of the blade. Finally it gets its mirror polishing and sharpening.

Every bit of the many generations of experience that went into this razor's making is immediately evident when you hold it in your hand. And rest assured - It will provide the finest shave possible for many generations to come.