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DOVO Kotten Straight Razor, Plumwood Scales

by Dovo
Sold out
$189.98 USD

Size: 5/8
Steel: High Carbon Steel
Grind: Half-hollow
Nose: Round Point

A Find!!! One of DOVO's 100th aniversary razors. Only manufactured for that year! Part of the Trilogy sieries.

This Straight Razor's Natural wood handles are Permanently Sealed against moisture. The All Natural handle material assures that no two razors look exactly alike. The inate beauty of nature is the crowning glory of this Handsome Razor.

this razor is available in Plumwood.

The razor's blade is forged into a High Carbon Steel blank that is then Tempered by Both Fire and Ice. The blade takes shape in the hands of a Master Craftsman who shapes and grinds the blank into a semi-finished 5/8 Full Hollow Ground blade. The blade's finishing includes: Custom File Work to create the Jimps on the shank's upper and lower edge; Decorative Brand Stamps on the front and rear of the shank; Polishing to a mirror finish front and rear.

The Decorative Etching on the blade is a Solingen grinding shed. In Solingen Germany the grinding shed is called "Kotten". This "kotten", built in 1504, is the third landmark of the DOVO trilogy. In earlier days, when the water power of the Wupper river was still needed to turn the grinding wheels, many of these work sheds were built along the river. Today this "Kotten" houses a museum that demonstrates the old grinding trade.

Every bit of the many generations of experience that went into this razor's making is immediately evident when you hold it in your hand. And rest assured - It will provide the finest shave possible for many generations to come!