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DOVO "Shavette" - Available in 4 Colors

by Dovo
7 reviews
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$38.20 USD

This convenient and affordable straight razor is perfect for travel or someone just getting started with straight razor shaving. Its use of inexpensived disposable stainless steel blades totally eliminates the need to purchase the hone, strop, and other accessories typically required, lowering the cost and difficulty factors greatly. This razor's versatility has made it a popular choice for professional barbers and hairstylists worldwide.

Available in Black, Blue, Olivewood or Stainless Steel handle. Please choose from dropdown menu above.

One CLEAR blade holder, one "closed comb" BLACK blade holder, an additional "open comb" BLACK blade holder, one short blade, one long blade and protective razor sleeve with blade storage pocket is included. All of the optional blade holders and blades mentioned below are listed separately.

Please note that DOVO has replaced the red blade holders with clear. It is the exact same blade holder, just a different color.

Interchangeable blade holders allow use of a variety of blades:

BLACK HOLDER "closed comb" : (supplied with the new razor) uses a longer version of the double edge blade, more closely comparing to the blade length of a standard straight razor. These are also snapped in half. A good choice for general use.

BLACK HOLDER "open comb" : (supplied with the new razor) uses the longer version of the double edge blade and has a serrated plastic edge to allow for more aggressive shaving. The serrated edge allows the blade to get closer to the skin's surface. A good choice for more experienced shavette users.

CLEAR HOLDER: (supplied with the new razor) accepts standard double-edge blades which are snapped in half thereby doubling the economy factor. One of these blades is included with the new razor. Best choice for edging and detailing of beards and moustaches, hairlines, around nose, etc.


Optional 6 Piece Luxury Shave Set (+ $28)

This set is comprised of our best selling items, and has all of the essentials you should need for a great wet shave! “Smolder” is The Blades Grim’s most popular scent that anyone will be sure to love! Purchased separately, this set would cost over $40.

Set includes:

  • Smolder Pre-Shave Oil 1 oz - By The Blades Grim
  • Smolder Aftershave 1 oz - By The Blades Grim
  • Smolder Hand Poured Shaving Soap - By The Blades Grim
  • Satin Tip: The Purest - White Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush
  • Shaving Brush Travel Case
  • Wet Shaving How To Guide


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      Mike d.
      United States United States
      Decent Starter

      I was on the fence between giving this product 3 stars and 4 stars, but I felt obligated to give it 4 because the product itself is well-made and this website's customer service has been outstanding. The reason I like this product is because it is a good tool to learn and practice straight razor techniques, and because it's economical. The reason I don't love this product is because long razor blades (that run the length of the blade-holder) aren't available anywhere I've looked, so you have to use regular razor blades. Depending on the razor blade you use, the shave can be quite nice, but the fact that the blade is significantly shorter than a normal straight razor takes away from the experience. Also, most guides on straight razor shaving instruct you to avoid applying pressure while shaving; to let the weight of the blade do most of the work. This product is incredibly lightweight, which is easy on your wrist, but ends up being rough on your face. It's a lot easier to cut yourself when you have to apply a decent amount of pressure to shave. I think this product is decent for starters (which is what I purchased it for), and I wouldn't go so far as to say I regret purchasing it. I still use it. But if I could go back and do it again, I would get one of the lower-end Grim Dollar or BOG traditional straight razors that are in the same price range as this product.

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      • Do you prefer a Safety Razor or Straight Razor? Straight
      • How long have you been Wet Shaving?
      Matthew N.
      United States
      Very nice upgrade over safety razor.

      I bought the Dovo Shavette a few weeks ago. It took 10 days to arrive, but I did buy it on "Black Friday", so slower shipping is understandable. Since I had been using a Merkur Classic safety razor that I bought from since 2009, using to the Dovo shavette wasn't really that hard. It's more precise than safety razors. It can even shave my face when I have a full beard without any trouble (safety razor always got clogged about an inch into the stroke). I haven't actually tried the Dovo Shavette long blades yet... The strange thing is, I can't even find the long blades or the Dovo Shavette on the website at all anymore! What happened? Did I just buy a discontinued item, and I won't be able to buy long blades for it anymore? At least it works with short blades.


      Nice, easy to navigate site, good prices and quality products.

      Classic Shaving

      Thank you!

      Good starter straight razor

      I just started using this to see how I would like using a starter razor. I've been using a Merkur DE razor for a little over a year, which gave me a good shave, but the shavette works even better for me. Very close, irritation free shave. Have had a few decent nicks and cuts (you have to pay attention!), but it's not as hard as it looks, and the shave makes it worth it.

      excellent service

      Bought some bay rum off these guys. Arrived in good time from southwest US to my home in Toronto. Product was in mint condition. Will use these guys again

      Classic Shaving

      Thank you so much!