Easy-Raze Back Shaver


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Easy-Raze Back Shaver-
Easy-Raze Back Shaver-
Discover the pleasures of back-shaving! Ok, that's stretching it a bit.
Shaving your back is probably among the least glamorous tasks faced by the modern hirsute man. That said, we know there are a lot of you out there who are wishing your shoulders dislocated and/or asking loved ones to help run a blade through that thick mat of hair that has decided your back is the safest place on your body to flourish. Enter the Easy-Raze Back Shaver. Finally there's an tough, ergonomically designed, glass-fiber-reinforced-plastic handle perfectly balanced to allow for easy shaving of that awkward, hard-to-reach area that is the human back. The fully adjustable clip is designed to hold a wide variety of razor handles: Twin, Mach III, Fusion - even double-edge safety razors can be inserted and secured by the cleverly designed gripper. Your Easy-Raze Back Shaver comes with the following:
* Fully-adjustable glass-fiber-reinforced plastic handle w/ adjustable razor-holding clip
* Thermo-plastically-adjustable brush with foam head (for applying shaving foam, cream, or gel to your back)
* Rubber inserts to use when clipping smooth-shafted razors into the clip (to prevent slippage)
* How-To Manual
* 3-blade shaver with pivoting head (Gillette technology)
Check out this video that shows this remarkable product in action:
Easy-Raze Back Shaver-
Easy-Raze Back Shaver-

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