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Feather Artist Club DX Japanese Style (Non-Folding)

by Feather
4 reviews
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$269.99 USD

Imported from Japan

A Partnership of Tradition and Technology For those who want the closeness and quality of a professional straight razor shave but don't want to endure the learning curve of daily stropping, periodic honing, inconsistent or uncertain results and generally high maintenance. We presen tthe first replaceable blade straight razor by Feather.

The advanced design of this unique razor allows you to customize the characteristics of the razor and quality of the resulting shave to your own skin and beard requirements by selecting any one of four different replaceable blades (listed separately). In average use blade life is 7-10 shaves resulting in a per shave cost of only five cents. During our extensive testing and evaluation the Feather's shave quality has consistently proved equal to or better than that provided by professionally honed and stropped straight razors.

While the Feather Razor is used in the same manner and using the same techniques as a traditional straight razor the consistently finer edge and substantial heft of the Feather Razor improves the shave quality by eliminating the tendency to add pressure to the blade while shaving which invariably results in razor burn or irritation.

The Feather Razor shave will be the closest and most comfortable you've ever had bar none. Classic Shaving is proud to introduce the Japanese Style Non-Folding Razor which is only available in the USA.

The Artist Club Non-Folding Razor can be used with any of the following blades: Feather Professional Blades, Feather Professional Light Blades, Feather Professional Super Blades and Feather Pro Guard Blades.


Optional 6 Piece Luxury Shave Set (+ $28)

This set is comprised of our best selling items, and has all of the essentials you should need for a great wet shave! “Smolder” is The Blades Grim’s most popular scent that anyone will be sure to love! Purchased separately, this set would cost over $40.

Set includes:

  • Smolder Pre-Shave Oil 1 oz - By The Blades Grim
  • Smolder Aftershave 1 oz - By The Blades Grim
  • Smolder Hand Poured Shaving Soap - By The Blades Grim
  • Satin Tip: The Purest - Black Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush
  • Shaving Brush Travel Case
  • Wet Shaving How To Guide
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      Best straight razor shave.

      After shaving with folding razors for twenty-three years, the "Feather Artist Club DX" captured my loyalty after one use. It is delightful in hand, the results are more delightful, and the comments and looks are even better. My friends, colleagues, and even female friends began purchasing and using them, along with Feather Razor "Professional" Blades". Thank you Feather!

      English O.
      Best in hand feel and resulting shave.

      Whether you did or did not learn to shave with a folding straight razor, I challenge you to test the Feather Artist Club DX. I have shaved with straight razors for 23 years and have yet to find one that fits, balances, thrills, and perhaps most importantly, provides a shave that both you and all who see you appreciate. This razor has seduced many of my colleagues, subordinates, and female friends, especially when coupled with Feather Razor "Professional" Blades .

      Merkur Vision Razor

      Not many of these left out there to buy at a reasonable price. Classic Shaving had one left still at a sane price. They followed through with the Vision razor complete with metal box, all instructions. Shipped promptly and packaged to survive. Thanks much.

      Classic Shaving

      Thank you, for choosing us!

      Great pricing, service and shipping - everything I want when I need it.

      Classic Shaving has a terrific selection of everything I might need - and the prices are excellent. Add to that the incredibly fast fulfillment and shipping - and you've got a winner everytime.

      Classic Shaving

      Thank you for continuing to choose us at!