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Feather Razor "Prebeau" Blades

by Feather
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$13.99 USD

The ultimate blending of Tradition and Technology "Prebeau" razor blades are specifically designed for use in the "Prebeau" razor. The "Prebeau" razor/blade combination is specifically intended for those who have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate the aggressiveness of a conventional straight razor but want the closeness and comfort only available from a straight razor shave. The razor blade itself is housed in a Stainless Steel one-body holder that is designed to shave closely and cleanly with a minimum of effort thereby reducing the potential for irritation and further protecting by use of a patented semi-circular shaped stainless steel guard to prevent nicks and cuts.

"Prebeau" blades come packed in their own dispenser tray ready to slip into the razor without ever touching the blade itself. The "Prebeau" razor and its companion blades make it possible for anyone to enjoy the closeness and quality of a traditional straight razor shave without a long learning curve or the additional equipment and attendant maintenance.