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Getting Started Wet-Shaving Kit

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$89.99 USD

“So what IS so great about shaving old-school style?” Wet-shaving may be old hat to many of our website visitors but we here at ClassicShaving get asked all the time by curious newbies “Where do I start?” Here's your answer. Our new “Getting Started” wet-shaving kit is just the thing for reluctant or confused shavers still using plastic disposables and canned foam. Our motto is: “If you change just one thing about your shaving routine start using a badger-hair brush with some high quality shaving cream.” It won't take long for you to realize that the culture of wet-shaving isn’t so much about hype as it is about truly experiencing a difference in the quality of the shave itself while enjoying the rituals surrounding it.

The “Getting Started” kit comes in Ivory or Black and includes the substantial Super Badger “Classic Brand” Shaving Brush a Hart Celtic Shaving Mug and your choice of three Gentlemen’s Refinery Shaving Cream scents: The Standard Black Ice or Unscented. Please make your selections from the dropdown menus above and to your right.

"How do I use a Brush Mug and Cream?" It's simple. Load your brush with warm water and let the excess water drip off. Take an almond-sized dollop of shaving cream put it either on the tip of the brush or in your mug and proceed to swirl the brush and cream in the mug until you notice a rich lather building. Apply to your face gently in an up and down or swirling motion taking advantage of your brush's ability to exfoliate your skin and lift and separate the hairs of your beard. You don't need a half-inch-thick layer of foam (like you'd get from a can) just a thin layer of lather will do. Shave at will! It's fine if you're still using your Mach III or Fusion disposable... but if you're feeling inspired check out our Safety Razors and Blades page along with our helpful "How to use your Double-Edge Razor" article. Still have questions? Call customer service anytime and we'll determine what best suits your shaving ambitions.