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Hart Steel "Series One" 6/8 Polished Square Jimpless Straight Razor with Black Resin scales

Sold out
$199.00 USD

Proudly made in Michigan, USA

BLADE WIDTH: 6/8 " RAZOR GRIND: Quarter-hollow RAZOR NOSE: Square RAZOR FINISH: Polished

It's the last of our "Series One" Hart Steel straight razors. These razors are the original Hart design that launched our company back in 2009. These were the razors before jimps and before we started making the 7/8 and 5/8 widths. This is one of the first polished straight razors Hart ever made. A beautiful piece of American engineering, these razors still shave as well as any Hart made today. Due to the limited supply of these razors, we are selling them pre-made with the black resin Hart Steel razor scales and in moisture-wicking, silicon-infused cotton sheaths

The Details:

Every part of this Hart straight razor is created and assembled in the USA. Our steel is tested at a Rockwell hardness of 63, giving your razor the sharpest and most long-lasting edge possible. In the spirit of American cottage industry, our razors are created by Artisan Technicians (AT). One AT from start to finish, has hand ground, marked, sharpened, and assembled each razor. You'll find the AT's personalized mark proudly stamped on each razor to indicate his craftsmanship.

For everyday use, apply Classic Brand razor oil, for long term storage we recommend Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide with Precision Applicator.
Each Hart razor comes with its own storage box, care instructions and a protective sheath.
What is Different About Hart Steel Razors?
  1. Each razor is made, from start to finish, by an individual craftsman. The initials on the tang are the maker's assurance of quality.
  2. All blades are made from new O-1 tool steel. There are no old forgings or “mystery metal”.
  3. All blades are surface ground before and after heat treating. These razors are guaranteed to be straight for ease of stropping and honing.
  4. All blades are heat treated in a molten salt bath. The salt protects the blades from decarberization and oxidation.
  5. All blades are frozen in liquid nitrogen. The deep freezing assures dimensional stability.
  6. All blades are triple tempered for a final hardness of 62 – 63 HRC.
  7. All blades are finish honed on a vintage Escher hone and hand stropped. Every blade is “shave ready” right out of the box.