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Hearts 'n' Roses Valentine's Day Bath Soap - Heart-Shaped

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$1.99 USD

Ah... love. We love it. Every year we get a little sentimental around here come Valentine's Day. We want to make it a special experience for our customers. Perhaps you remember the year we sent out chocolate razors with our Valentine's Day orders? This year we've re-worked our very popular bath soaps into symbols of pure romance: the heart and the rose. We've lightly scented these generous 3.2 ounce bath soaps with a rose fragrance, making them the perfect gift for someone you' love (and would love to get soapy). And that price is not a mistake - we're pretty much pricing these babies at cost, all in the spirit of love's generosity.

Made exclusively for Classic to our exacting specifications, our bath soaps ares a pure, all-natural deodorant soap made from a base of extra virgin olive oil with a high glycerin content and natural emmolients. It produces a rich, creamy lather that rinses cleanly away without leaving behind a soapy film. Our all-natural formula uses no artificial scents, or additives that can dry or irritate your skin. All of our deodorant soaps are formulated to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and leave you smelling as fresh and clean as nature Itself.

Our Rose-scented Bath and Shower Soap incorporates the natural essential oil of the rose and is available in your choice of either a Heart or Rose shape. Please select your soap type from the pull-down menu above when ordering. Sold in individual 3.2 oz. shapes.