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Honey Badger Complete DE Shaving Kit

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$139.99 USD
Honey Badger set doesn't give a )#(@*%. Look at that honey badger set, it don't care, it'll just lather up your face. Oh look, it's shaving your whiskers like an animal. That's the honey badger set for you. It's nasty!
The Razor:
Opens: Three Piece
Weight: 3.5oz
Handle Length: 3 & 1/2 inches
Parker's economical and traditional 48R double-edge safety razor is a must-have for the beginning and seasoned wet shaver alike. With its all brass frame and nickel/chrome finish, this razor is built to provide a lifetime of service. Razor has the weight (3.5 oz) needed to provide a close, clean shave without the need to press it into your face causing razor burn and irritation. An extra-long (3&1/2in) brushed brass handle makes it a joy to use. A traditional shaver for the price-conscious, well groomed gentleman.
The Brush:
Grade: Super Badger
Knot: 24mm
Loft: 50mm
Overall height: 100 mm
Handle height: 50mm
Narrowest handle diameter: 30mm
Widest handle diameter: 40mm
Brush weight: 2.5 oz
This superb brush is made with Super Badger Bristles. The exceptional water-holding capacity of badger hair allows you to quickly produce a rich moist lather that will well prepare your beard for a close and comfortable shave.

The Mug: Handmade in California of finely-glazed, high quality ceramic. Comes with your choice of our Premium Shaving Soaps. Please specify soap scent from the pull-down menu above when ordering. If no scent is selected we will ship with unscented. Takes our regular size soap cake, (2.5" diameter). Soap refills listed separately.

Make it Special by adding monogramming.

The Stand:
razor opening: 19mm
brush opening: 28mm
The perfect storage and display solution for both brush and razor. Protect your investment and organize your bathroom with this handsome Chrome Brush and Razor stand.
Blades & Soap:
Set comes complete with our choice of 5-pack safety razors blades and one puck of shaving soap so you can set up and shave with this right out of the box. Choose from one of our regular sized 2.5" diameter ClassicBrand Shave Soaps from the pull down menu to the right. (Refills sold separately).