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Ivory & Chrome Complete Shave Kit

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$99.99 USD

You already know the pre-built sets that Classic Shaving assembles are one of the things that sets us apart from the pack. Here's a double-edge set that has it all: our premium Heavy-Duty chrome closed-comb DE razor; an American-made apothecary mug; our own Classic Brand super badger bristle brush with cream handle; a 5-pack of Feather DE blades; and your choice of our popular shaving soaps in sixteen scents. Just add water and you're shaving right out of the box for a price that the others simply can't beat.

Here are the details of each item:

The Razor: The Parker Vintage Style Double-Edged Butterfly Safety Razor is a must-have for the beginning and seasoned wet shaver alike. With its hefty frame and nickel/chrome finish this razor is built to provide many years of service. Razor has the weight needed to provide a close clean shave without the need to press it into your face causing razor burn and irritation. An extra-long handle with barber-pole grip makes it a joy to use. A traditional shaver for the price-conscious well groomed gentleman. Weight: 3.7oz Handle Length: 4 inches

The Mug: Made in the U.S.A. (your choice)

-Ceramic apothecary mug made in California especially for us. Not break resistant but classic.

- Hart Steel designed this attractive resin apothecary mug to be break resistant. This may be its most valuable asset for anyone who's ever dropped a mug while shaving. Each piece is handmade by our favorite statuary artisan in Michigan who also creates the Hart Steel Straight Razor scales. A wonderful compliment to any shaving outfit this apothecary mug comes a maple cream finish and takes our regular-sized 2.5" diameter shaving soaps.

The Brush: Our very first commissioned shaving brush has a graceful shape and a satisfying hand-hold. Its super badger bristles hold water and soap bubbles to quickly build a superb lather. Add this luxurious yet affordable brush to your shaving regimen and you'll never go back to canned foam smooshed around your face with your hand again. Brush bristles are bulb-shaped. Handle color is an ivory white. Loft: 50mm Handle Height: 50mm Overall Height: 100mm Knot: 24mm Waist: 29mm Secondary Waist: 32mm Tertiary Waist: 30mm

The Blades: Here at Classic Shaving we're always questing for the perfect shave. We have found these Astra Blades to be fine and economical shavers. Paper box contains 5 blades.

The Soap: Classic Brand Traditional Shaving Products - Made in California Premium Shaving Mug Soap - Regular Size (2.5" diameter) Cake - We're confident that once you've used "Classic Brand" Premium Shaving Mug Soap you'll never want any other! Available in the following classic scents: Almond Bay Rum Citrus Basil Citrus Spice Fresh Lime Jasmine Lavender Lilac Lime & Coconut Menthol Mocha Rose Sandalwood SweetgrassVanilla and Violet. Also available in Unscented. Indicate fragrance choice on pull-down menu abovewhen ordering. Our Quality Formulation produces a Thick Rich Lather that stays moist and softens even the toughest beard.The High Glycerin Content and Bentonite Clayact naturally to moisturize and lubricate your skin so your razor glides effortlessly without causing irritation. Our Premium Shaving Mug Soap is made exclusively for us to our exacting specifications using only the finest available ingredients. Starting with the Highest Quality Essential Oils and Bentonite Clayright through to the Hand Molding and Wrapping. We've spared no expense and cut no corners to produce the finest Quality Shaving Soap.

Ingrediets: Kosher Vegetable Glycerin Sodium Cocoate (from Coconut) Soduim Stearate (Stearic Acid) Propylene Glycol (Coconut) Sorbitol Deionized Water Bentonite Clay Fragrance Coloring: FDA Red 40 and/or Yellow 5 and/or Blue 1 Cocamidopropyl Hdyroxysultaine Titanium Dioxide May contain fragrance and essential oils