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Leitch American made handle w/ Closed Comb Safety Razor Head

by Leitch
Sold out
$135.00 USD

Handle: 3 1/2"

Weight: 2.8 oz.

This 3 piece Safety Razor is American Made and Assembled by John B. Leitch The handle has been machined and turned to provide a safe and comfortable grip. The distinctive handle design has two component parts consisting of an anodized aluminum tube with a center core rod of stainless steel. The head is a closed comb German made nonaggressive model.

It is presented in a black gift box with a drawer and pull tab handle.

John B. Leitch has spent his life as a craftsman working with various materials, tools, and equipment. His formal education was in ceramics and porcelain clay. When he found the brushes in his field lacking, he designed his own. since then he turned his attention to making shaving brushes which have been exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and the Smithsonian Museum Craft Show. Master craftsman Leitch has always been interested in using manufactured parts and shapes for something other than the intended purpose. The surface marks made during his manufacturing process shows evidence of steel mill work, aluminum pipe extrusion, and in the stamping of the pipe caps. Each surface mark and imperfection provides part of the "making" story of each piece. It is with this in mind that he has designed and made shaving tools and accessories repurposing the metal shapes from their original intent.