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Merkur "Futur" 4-Piece Set, Satin w/ Glass Bowl

by Merkur
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$347.99 USD

Merkur "Futur" Double-Edge 4-piece Shave Set, Satin Finish

Old World Craftsmanship and Quality - Imported from Germany

Made with the World Famous Quality found in all Merkur Products. This 4-Piece Shave Set includes: Custom Stand with Matching Glass Bowl, Silvertip Badger Bristle Shave Brush, and "Futur" Double Edge Blade Razor. Also includes your choice of our large 3" Classic Brand Premium Shave Soaps. Choose soap scent from pull-down menu above when ordering. A practical and handsome set any man would be glad to receive as a gift and proud to own.

The "Futur" razor is Merkur's most popular premium double edge razor. A vast improvement over your old drugstore brand. The "Futur" incorporates the best of traditional characteristics and state-of-the-art modern engineering to produce a superior close, comfortable shave. Uses standard double edge blades, one included to get you started, additional replacements are listed separately.

The Genuine Silvertip Badger Bristle Brush is of the Highest Quality available. It's Full Volume of Extra Soft Bristles produces a rich lather and applies it with a Decadent Level of Luxury.

A Shave Set You'll Use for a Lifetime!