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Natural Horn Large Dresser Comb #6375

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$24.99 USD

Natural Large Dresser Comb measures 185mm overall length and has both coarse and fine teeth. Includes its own custom made natural leather case.

Our All Natural Horn Combs are made exclusively for us entirely by hand in a small family-owned workshop in the South of France. The traditional hand processes and techniques employed in their manufacture go back over 3 centuries. Due to the natural materials and individual hand-craftsmanship no two combs are ever alike. Each has its own unique personality and beauty. Some are lighter, some darker still others are beautifully marbled. Owing to the natural graining of the horn each one has a slight lengthwise curve rather than the unforgiving straight lines typically found in combs made of plastic. Whatever yours looks like it is sure to out-perform any other comb you've ever used. Since natural horn and natural hair are both comprised almost entirely of kerotin the Natural Horn Comb does not generate static electricity and helps control fly-away hair.The smoothly rounded horn is kinder to both the scalp and hair gently cleaning and polishing the hair with each pass.