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Monarch Basil & Citrus - Occam's Razor 2.5" Mug Shave Soap

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Occam's Razor, Small Batch Hand Crafted Monarch Basil & Citrus 2.5" Round Shave Soap.

Occam's Razor Monarch Basil & Citrus Small Batch Shave Soap's come hand poured and wrapped. These soaps provide excellent lather and shaves.

Take time to relax and experience Monarch Basil & Citrus shaving soaps rich and thick lather. It's long lasting lather will soften the coarsest facial hair. The high glycerin content and bentonite clay act naturally to moisturize and lubricate your skin so your razor glides effortlessly without causing irritation. These Hand Crafted Shave Soap's are made with pride and natural ingredients. We use only the finest available ingredients. Starting with the Highest Quality Essential Oils, and Bentonite Clay, right through to the Hand Molding and Packaging.

Ingredients: Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Sodium Cocoate (from Coconut), Soduim Stearate (Stearic Acid), Propylene Glycol (Coconut), Sorbitol, Deionized Water, Bentonite Clay, Fragrance, May contain fragrance and essential oils.

We are happy to be able to bring Occam's Razor The Simplest Solutions Monarch Basil & Citrus shave soaps to our customers and hope you enjoy the shave!