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Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $50 - $7.50 Shipping on International orders over $100!

Pre de Provence Horseshoe Puck of "Lucky" Almond Soap, 75g

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1 -- Pre de Provence Horsehoe Puck of "Lucky" Almond Soap (75g)

There's an interesting story to tell about this soap. It began when the Classic Shaving Purchasing Department was "talked into" buying a small lot of these weird almond-scented, horseshoe-shaped soap pucks by a silver-tongued Pre de Provence distributor. Embarrassed upon its arrival at the Classic Shaving Warehouse, we immediately shelved these goofy soaps, believing none of our customers would be interested in actually buying them. We did, however, put one soap puck in the Classic Shaving bathroom for employees' use.

Then things started getting a little strange.. When our shipper won $2 on a $1 lottery scratch ticket one morning shortly after that puck was placed next to the work sink, you wouldn't think it was that big of a deal, right? Except when you learn that she had just washed her hands with it!. We're serious. And when one of our packers found a can of coke in the back of the warehouse refrigerator that he swore he'd drank yesterday...well, in a word, goosebumps. Goosebumps all around. And that was only the beginning.

One day, mere seconds after lathering up, our office manager went to purchase a bag of M&M's from the warehouse vending machine and when it fell, it knocked down a bag of Cheeze-Its that had been hanging half out of its metal retaining loop for over a week. Our customer service rep used the soap one morning and didn't have to reheat his coffee in the warehouse microwave for almost an hour. Then Lola, our warehouse dog, suddenly stopped barking at the UPS guy. And when our art director (who'd been trying to get pregnant for almost three months) partook in the Equine Suds of Almond-ey Goodness that this Soap Provides...well, we don't need to tell you what happened. Ok, we'll tell you. She found out she was pregnant. Magic? Perhaps. Coincidence? Probably. Complete nonsense? How dare you!

Our buyer still believes this soap is just going to gather dust on our warehouse shelves, but we beg to differ. We couldn't forgive ourselves if we didn't at least offer you, Dear Customer, a chance to take advantage of the tiny bursts of luck this soap seemingly grants its latherers.

So with that said, exert your dominion over grime and horses alike! This fragrant Lucky Horseshoe Almond Soap from Pre de Provence is triple-milled, extremely creamy and always on sale! It's sure to please your skin and certain to improve your life in general! Get lucky. We dare you. And the story doesn't end here...

Do you have evidence of how this soap granted you a tiny burst of luck or otherwise changed your life forever? Perhaps a photo or video of yourself caught in the moment good fortune struck you? If so, send it to and we'll keep you posted about the amazing things this Pre de Provence Horseshoe Puck of "Lucky" Almond Soap brings to those lucky enough to experience its mystical powers.

Made in France.