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Professionally-Sharpened 5/8 Dovo Inox Stainless Steel Straight Razor w/ "Indigo" Pakkawood Scales

by Dovo
Sold out
$189.99 USD

Size: 5/8

Steel: Stainless Steel

Grind: Full-hollow.

The razor's handle is elegantly simple proving that less really is more. The faded "indigo blue" Pakkawood scales are so dark they are almost black. The scales are separated by a brass end spacer which adds just enough brightness to compliment the understated handles. The razor's blade is the star of this show. It is made of Surgical Quality INOX Stainless Steel that has been forged into a blank and then Ice Tempered. Next the blade takes shape in the hands of a Master Craftsman who shapes and grinds the forged blank into a semi-finished 5/8 Full Hollow Ground blade. The blade's finishing includes: File Jimps on the underside of the shank; Polishing to a satin finish front and rear; and then final sharpening and polishing. The overall effect is striking! Every bit of the many generations of experience that went into this razor's making is immediately evident when you hold it in your hand. And rest assured - It will provide the finest shave possible for many generations to come.

These razors were honed by master bladesmith Dylan Farnham and are shave-ready out of the box.