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Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $50 - $7.50 Shipping on International orders over $100!

RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener

$24.99 USD

We don't sell too many cartridge razor products on our site, but once in a while one comes along that demands our attention. The RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener is one such product. It actually fits in with our ethos here at of "shaving with intention" and not just blindly and endlessly buying the plastic disposable razors and blades that Gillette and Schick would have you do. Here's the RazorPit pitch:

Tired of expensive razor blades and uncomfortable shaves? With the patented RazorPit and its friction technology, you can remove the residues of hair, skin and soap that makes your blade feel duller after only a few shaves. RazorPit makes your razor blade last for up to 150 shaves! It's just like shaving with a brand new blade every day. At the same time, you save up to 90% on buying new razor blades. RazorPit works with all razor blades.

Three easy steps: 1. To sharpen/clean, lubricate the flat area on the RazorPit with liquid soap or shaving cream. 2. Press down firmly and push the razor forward along the surface (opposite to the normal direction you shave) four to five times. 3. Rinse both the razor blade and RazorPit under warm water.

And don't let it get around, but the RazorPit can also extend the life of your double-edge blades... try it and see for yourself

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