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Refurbished Thiers Issard Historic Flying Tudor Rose 5/8 Bone

Sold out
$220.00 USD

Item numbers starting with VTA-S8 razors are reconditioned unsold "blemished" stock that has been repaired and professionally sharpened by master razor maker Dylan Farnham and are also to be sold AS IS..

Product Notes: This razor was repaired and professionally-sharpened by master razor-maker Dylan Farnham and is being sold AS IS. Here are his notes: Pivot pin peened to straighten how the blade falls into the scales; still tight at the pivot at one point; oiled to make it pivot better; edge re-done and sharpened; slight 'play' in the pivot due to slightly oversized pivot hole; still a great razor and will provide a great shave.

Originally Sold @ $329.99

Societe Nouvelle Thiers-Issard Sabatier

Thiers-Issard Gilded Egyptian Sheaf Design, Bone, 5/8

Quality and Craftsmanship Unequaled


The Flying Tudor Rose razors have the very rare forged decorated back. Not hand decorated but forged decorated. These are akin to the old famous "Egyptian" razors. These razors were in fact forged by the old Thiers-Issard factory before 1937 (probably well before) and were only rediscovered about 12 months ago, when the old factory storage place was resold by someone who had bought the old factory storage place but had not noticed that there was stock there. These forged decorated backs are very very difficult to do in modern forgings, not to mention the cost of the operation. These are absolutely magnificent razors with wonderful steel!Forged of Best Quality High Carbon Steel and beautifully decorated with our own Limited Edition Flying Tudor Rose Design. This is a Fully Hollowed "Singing" 5/8 Round Point razor.

Polished to a mirror finish both front and back and bearing our exclusive "Bijou de France" trademark, hand applied in 24k gold to the blade front. File jimps on the lower edge of the shank provide a secure grip.

The finished blade is mated to a hand-made and fitted Bone scales. A valuable collectible and exceptional everyday shaver!