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Semogue "Excelsior" 1305 Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

by Semogue
Sold out
$19.99 USD

Semogue "Excelsior" 1305 Boar Bristle Shaving Brush: Loft: 56mm; Handle Height: 56mm; Knot: 22mm; Waist: 26mm; Secondary Waist: 32mm.

Semogue's “Cerda Pura” (pure bristle) boar's hair brushes are consistently touted as the best boar-bristle brushes on the market. Long overlooked in favor of their badger-haired sisters, boar-bristle brushes are seeing a resurgence in the wet-shaving market due to their resilience and "scritchiness" (as in scratchy).

There are claims these brushes will last three, four or even more years, even with daily use. The rigid tips of the boar's hair are very effective when used to agitate the surface of even the hardest shaving soaps. The bristles will soften when allowed to soak a few minutes in hot water but will still maintain enough stiffness to attack a bar of shaving soap. The bristles also work to exfoliate your skin as you lather up.

These boar-bristle brushes are fan-shaped and treated to mimic the appearance of a badge-hair brush. A metal band is used around the knot to help maintain the integrity of the bristles. The handle is made of beechwood and painted dark green and white.

This is truly a fantastic and unique brush to add to your collection or to purchase as an inexpensive starter.

(The soap in second photo is not included; it is shown to illustrate size only).