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Strop-It Supex 77 "Classic" with Interchangeable Plattens- (Black Paste & Premium Leather)

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$55.00 USD

This innovative extra-large, double-sided magnetic razor strop with interchangeable leather "plattens" may just become an indispensable tool for all straight razor enthusiasts someday. The Strop-It Supex 77 "Classic" includes one Paste Black Platten made of rough, black cow leather & one Premium Platten made of premium, smooth calf leather. Excellent for general stropping.

The European wet-shaving experts at Strop-It designed 3 different models of the Supex 77 for different uses, and the possiblity to buy up to 7 different kinds of leather plattens as supplementary equipment. One of the major advantages of this strop is that not only can you use as many different leathers as you like (replacing them as needed without throwing the whole strop away), with or without pastes of all sorts, but you actually use each leather more evenly. For example a right handed person, will always have a tendency to use the right side of the leather band more than the left side of same. However with the Strop-It design, one can simply reverse the platten on its frame and use the leather more equally. This is the same for a left-hander as well.

• All plattens simply clip easily and quickly onto the
magnetic strop body, allowing firm stropping, yet
with spring action.
• The plattens can be reversed in upwards position
so that the stropping leather can be used more
equally; a big advantage.
• Specially large-sized ergonomic French-style handle
for firm grip and ease of use.
• The leather on the plattens is extra-long and large
sized at 300 × 77 mms (11 3/4 × 3") and yet the strop
ONLY weighs 455 grams (1 lb.)