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Strop-It "Tensio" Adjustable Loom Strop

Sold out
$32.50 USD

Experience a new stropping paradigm in the making. The Rock n' Load combines the beauty of finely finished hardwood construction and an innovative mechanism that allows for quick strop tensioning as well as the unique ability to exchange the leather surface of the strop whenever desired. It is as elegant as the razor it maintains while being as practical as the perfect sanding block.

More specifically, the Tensio design offers the following:

-Sturdy construction comprised of stained and varnished hardwood (Beech) with robust metal fittings.

-Quality vegetable-tanned cowhide leather belt fitted as standard.

-Two solid brass knurled nuts for quick tensioning of the leather belt.

-Special large-sized, ergonomic French-style handle that offers a firm, easy grip to ensure comfort during periods of extended use.

-A unique wooden-toothed clamp design that provides a secure grip while still allowing for rapid removal and exchange of the leather stropping belt when so desired.

-The usage of any custom cut stropping belts without the necessity of any special sewing, gluing or hole punching operations.