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Sylva Pagana Cologne 1 oz

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Made in the USA - Sylva Pagana Cologne 1 oz - One 1 ounce glass spray bottle.

Separation of natural ingredients is normal. Shake well before applying.

WHITE STAG is crisp and woodsy, fresh and clean. It is light and uplifting with spruce and warmed by benzoin resin

THE CAPTAIN'S BLEND uses only the finest top shelf spirits and tobacco for a bold and masculine scent with hints of dark patchouli and pink peppercorn. It is leathery with hints of musk and the sea mixing with tobacco and cognac.

ANCIENT OAK is the scent of a hidden grove, a dark forest, and timeless woods. It begins with boldly with a dark, almost fruity, note then fades into deep rosewood* and oak before its mellowed by vanilla bourbon and tobacco. It lingers, beckoning with whispers of hidden forest, earthy musk, and smokey incense. It is dark and mysterious like the ancient, sacred forests, and, while unisex, it leans a bit toward masculine. Its not too strong or bold, but perfectly balanced and easy to wear.

INCANTATION is dark and mysterious with intoxicating scents that linger on the skin. It is sensual and earthy with aged patchouli, heavy vetiver, and soft woods mingling with dark amber and aged patchouli. It is topped off with seductive jasmine sambac for an exotic, floral bouquet.