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Sylva Pagana Moustache Wax

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$14.99 USD

Made in the USA

One ounce in a unique slide top tin.

A fantastic discovery from the Austin artist community. This natural moustache wax is available in two strengths and six intoxicating scents. If you desire a mild hold and a light scent or if you prefer spicey notes on a grand handlebar -- Sylva Pagana has your lip-weasel well tamed!

Cedarwood & Rose, Siberian Fir, and Dark Patchouli are available with the light hold formula.
Spiced Vanilla Bourbon, Dark Resin Amber, and Oak Moss & Vetiver are available with the firm hold formula.

Tips for applying wax: PUSH wax up on fingernail of your index finger and then wipe it onto your thumb of the same hand. Rub it back and forth 2-3 times between your index finger and thumb. Then apply using your index finger. Or you can use both index finger and thumb if you're trying to handlebar or when you want more control over where the wax is applied.