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Thayers Witchhazel with Aloe Vera Astringent & Cleanser

by Thayers
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American Made

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Lemon: A gentle Native American formula that not only deep cleans skin from excess oil and dirt but aso leaves your skin soft and younger-looking. Thayer's formula contains a unique proprietary blend of seven efficacious cleansing herbal extracts first published for use by skin care professionals in 1875. Ingredients: Witch Hazel Orange Peel Nettle Blackberry Lemongrass Chamomile Grapefruit

Peach: A gentle Native American remedy that smoothes and softens dry skin while it gently cleanses. The more you use the softer and healthier looking your skin will feel. With its unique blend this old fashioned formula is perfect for today's health-conscious customer. Ingredients: Witch Hazel Peach Leaves Kiwi Aloe Vera Orange Flower Passion Fruit Tangerine Vitamin C